Create Your Scenario

"In the springtime, the only pretty ring time, When birds do sing ... Sweet lovers love the spring." Word has it that White Day is when people give reciprocal gifts. Have you received your gifts, Commander? Anyways, do you know where the T-Dolls are right now? They haven't been around for a while... What could they be doing?


Event Rules

1. Use the words/phrases in the following cards to make a sentence. For example, Helian shouts out to the world "I don't wanna be single anymore" in the crowded street suddenly.

*You can choose one or two characters from Card A and tailor the sentence tense or sequence to your own need.

2. You can elaborate further on your sentence! The format is not restricted. It can be a story, a 4-koma, or an illustration. It's all about your creativity!

3. To submit your entry, you must send it to and include your Commander Name and UID. If you'd like, you can post your work in the comment section on Facebook/Twitter, but only emailed entries will qualify.

4. You may submit multiple entries, but you will only be awarded ONCE.


Event Schedule

Entry Submission | Mar. 14th – Mar. 21st

Result Announcement | Mar. 26th


Event Rewards

Shortlisted rewards (10 winners by administration): 2000 gems

Participation rewards: 4 kinds of resources * 2000, Token * 20





Additional Notes


 Your entry must be appropriate, free of sexual content, gore and intense violence, and comply with all national and regional laws.

 Your entry must not include any content which distorts historical facts or demonizes and defiles human nature.

 If you wish to post a collaborative work, please post it once only via a single account. Each piece of work can only be posted and awarded ONCE.

 All entries are free to participate in other events, competitions, commercial/non-commercial activities without our consent. However, the participants will be at their own risk if their actions result in any conflicts with the organizers or institutions of other competitions.

 Participants are liable for the copyright and portrait right of their entries. Participants will be held responsible for any legal disputes caused by plagiarizing others’ works. The organizer will be exempted from such disputes, and the works under dispute will no longer be eligible for the competition.

By submitting his/her design, the participant will be considered to have granted Sunborn Games the right to make reasonable use of his/her work, including but not limited to publishing and advertising the work on social media, while the authorship belongs to the participant.

*Sunborn Games owns the right to interpret the rules of this activity within the scope permitted by law.