[{"news_title":"Griffin Survival Battle","create_time":"2022-07-26 23:41:39","content":"


Join the Easter egg stage One-Sided Recollection<\/strong> in Mirror Stage and stick to the 20th wave. When finishing the 20th wave, tap \u201cCalculate result\u201d. <\/span><\/p>

Take a screenshot of your result and send your result to support@sunborngame.com<\/strong>.<\/span><\/p>


Winners are determined by the time of the 21st<\/strong> wave. The shorter the time, the higher the rank.<\/span><\/p>

If multiple participants clear the stage using the same amount of time, whoever posts their entry first wins.<\/span><\/p>

*Tip: To prevent your screenshot from being stolen, please add a watermark to your image. The watermark should be clear, conspicuous, and easily identifiable without obscuring your recorded time or other statistics such as the number of remaining rounds.<\/span><\/p>


Event Schedule<\/strong><\/span><\/p>

Submission: Jul. 27th -  Aug. 7th<\/span><\/p>

Results Announcement: Aug. 12th<\/span><\/p>


First place (1 winner): 3000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Second place (3 winners): 2000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Third place (6 winners): 1000 gems <\/span><\/p>

Participation rewards: 4 kinds of resources * 2000 and Token *20<\/span><\/p>

Additional Notes<\/strong><\/span><\/p>