[{"news_title":"4-Koma Chibi Comic Script Ideas","create_time":"2022-07-01 00:05:52","content":"

Summer is all about sunshine, beach, swimsuit and may be a bonfire party. Dear Commanders, we want to gather your ideas about summer and make one of them a chibi comic.<\/span><\/p>


1. Submit a 4-koma chihi comic script to support@sunborngame.com. Elements should include seaside, bonfire party & at least one T-Doll from the \u201cSunshine and Blue Waves\u201d gacha. You can also post your script on Twitter\/Facebook using the hashtag #GFLComicScript.<\/span><\/p>

 <\/span>Tip: Make an accurate description of what you want to be shown in the 4 panels respectively. The more specific your ideas are, the more likely we would make your idea a chibi comic.<\/span><\/p>

2. One entry will be selected by administration and we will create a 4-koma chibi comic according to your idea. <\/span><\/p>

3. Deadline: July. 13th <\/span><\/p>



1st Prize: 4000 gems +a 4-koma chibi comic<\/span><\/p>

Lucky Commanders: 10 lucky players selected randomly by administration will get 1000 gems.<\/span><\/p>

Participation Rewards: 4 kinds of resources * 2000, Token *20<\/span><\/p>

Additional Notes<\/span><\/strong><\/p>