[{"news_title":"Griffin Gakuen Festival","create_time":"2022-06-24 00:55:04","content":"

Come and join the fun Gakuen Festival! Who would you like to meet at those booths?<\/span><\/p>

Arrange booth members for T-dolls!<\/span><\/p>



1. Using the chart, fill in the arrangement of different booths! You can use any way you like to fill in the chart, such as with text, with pictures, or with your drawings.<\/span><\/p>

2. To submit your entry, you must send your image to support@sunborngame.com and include your Commander Name and UID. If you'd like, you can post your entry in the comment section on Facebook\/Twitter, but only emailed entries will qualify.<\/span><\/p>

3. If you want, you can also describe briefly in the Email\/comment section your reasons for so arranging the members of the booths.<\/span><\/p>

Tip: To prevent your image from being stolen, please add a watermark to your image. The watermark should be clear, conspicuous, and easily identifiable.<\/span><\/p>




Shortlisted rewards: 10 entries that are chosen by administrator will get 2000 gems each.<\/span><\/p>

Participation rewards: all qualified entries will get Four kinds of resources*2000 and Token*20 each.<\/span><\/p>

Deadline: July 2nd<\/span><\/strong><\/p>

Results Announcement: July 8th<\/span><\/p>

Rewards Distribution: 3 working days after the results announcement<\/span><\/p>



Additional Notes<\/span><\/strong><\/p>