Welcome to Valhalla!

Ladies and gentlemen! Pick a cocktail for your T-doll!

Each cocktail has a different meaning. What do you want to say to your beloved T-Doll through the cocktail?



1. Take screenshots from the two Gifs and you will get pictures of a T-doll and a cocktail.

2. Let your imagination run wild! What will your T-doll say when she receives this cocktail from you? What will happen when she finishes the cocktail?

3. Put the two pictures together and write down the plot in your mind on the picture. You can use any way you like to fill it in, such as with words, with a picture, or a picture you drew, etc.

4. To submit your entry, you must send your image to support@sunborngame.com and include your Commander Name and UID. If you'd like, you can post your entry in the comment section on Facebook/Twitter, but only emailed entries will qualify.

Tip: To prevent your image from being stolen, please add a watermark to your image. The watermark should be clear, conspicuous, and easily identifiable.



Shortlisted rewards: 10 entries that are chosen by administrator will get 1000 gems each.

Participation rewards: all qualified entries will get Four kinds of resources*2000 and Token*20 each.

Deadline: May 3rd 23:59 UTC-8

Results Announcement: May 10th

Rewards Distribution: 3 working days after the results announcement

Additional Notes

Your entry must be appropriate, free of sexual content, gore and intense violence, and comply with all national and regional laws.

Your entry must not include any content which distorts historical facts or demonizes and defiles human nature.

If you wish to post a collaborative work, please post it once only via a single account. Each piece of work can only be posted and awarded ONCE.

All entries are free to participate in other events, competitions, commercial/non-commercial activities without our consent. However, the participants will be at their own risk if their actions result in any conflicts with the organizers or institutions of other competitions.

Participants are liable for the copyright and portrait right of their entries. Participants will be held responsible for any legal disputes caused by plagiarizing others’ works. The organizer will be exempted from such disputes, and the works under dispute will no longer be eligible for the competition.

By submitting his/her design, the participant will be considered to have granted Sunborn Games the right to make reasonable use of his/her work, including but not limited to publishing and advertising the work on social media, while the authorship belongs to the participant.

 *Sunborn Games owns the right to interpret the rules of this activity within the scope permitted by law.