[{"news_title":"Who\u2019s the most popular, most beautiful, most capable shop owner?","create_time":"2021-11-11 19:45:45","content":"

Jashin-chan's Diner Now Open for Business!<\/span><\/strong> <\/span><\/p>

Who's the most popular, most beautiful, most capable shop owner?<\/span><\/p>


1. Clear the Easter Egg stage The One Who Knocks to unlock The One Who Knocks \u221e. Clear The One Who Knocks \u221e<\/strong> and send us your highest score to support@sunborngame.com and include your Commander Name and UID. If you'd like, you can post your work in the comment section on Facebook\/Twitter, but only emailed entries will qualify.<\/span><\/p>

2. Winners are determined by how much income a participant can achieve on Endless Mode. The higher the score, the higher the rank.<\/span><\/p>

*If multiple participants clear the stage achieving the same target income, whoever sends their entry first wins.<\/span><\/p>


Tip: To prevent your screenshot from being stolen, you can add a watermark to your image. The watermark should be clear, conspicuous, and easily identifiable without obscuring the revenue or other statistics such as the opening hours.<\/span><\/p>



Submission: Nov. 17th \u2013 Nov. 24th<\/span><\/p>

Results Announcement: Nov. 30th<\/span><\/p>



First Place (1 winner)\uff1a3000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Second Place (3 winners)\uff1a2000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Third Place (6 winners)\uff1a1000 gems<\/span><\/p>


Additional Notes<\/span><\/strong><\/p>