[{"news_title":"Think Outside the Box: Budget Cosplay Event","create_time":"2021-10-18 19:16:38","content":"

Dressing up for Halloween seems tough and complicated? It doesn't have to be! With this Budget Cosplay event, we aim to make the impossible possible and have some fun!<\/span><\/p>



1. You can utilize any items at hand to cosplay anything <\/strong><\/em>you can find in Girls' Frontline EN, such as T-Dolls, S.F. units, HOC units, or even items in the Armory!<\/span><\/p>

Tip: You can dress up and mimic their pose. If you or your pets don't want to be seen in the picture, remember to blur out the faces.<\/span><\/p>


2. To submit your entry, you must send both your cosplay photo and the image of inspiration to support@sunborngame.com<\/strong> and include your Commander name and UID. If you'd like, you can also post your work on your social media and @ us, but only emailed entries will qualify.<\/span><\/p>

3. Make sure to keep digital edits to a minimum.<\/span><\/p>


Time <\/span><\/strong><\/p>

Entry Submission: Oct. 19th \u2013 Nov. 3rd UTC-8<\/span><\/p>

Result Announcement: Nov. 10th UTC-8<\/span><\/p>



Top 1 in Creativity: 5000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Top 1 in Resemblance: 5000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Top 1 in Quality: 5000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Shortlisted Rewards: 3000 gems<\/span><\/p>

Participation Rewards: 4 kinds of resources * 2000 and Token * 20<\/span><\/p>


Additional Notes<\/strong><\/span><\/p>