Say Something to 416

Dear Commanders,

We are hosting a Dialogue Writing Contest to celebrate the upcoming Shattered Connexion! Do you have something to say to 416 after she unlocks her MOD III? Join the contest for a chance to win up to 4,000 gems! There are also participation rewards for all valid entries!

Come and show off your creativity!

Contest Schedule

Entry Submission: Nov. 17th- Dec. 1st

Public Vote: Dec. 3rd- Dec. 4th

Result Announcement: Dec. 9th

Reward Distribution: 3 working days after the event concludes


Contest Rules

•      To enter the contest, complete the comic with your own funny dialogues. The dialogues don't need to revolve around a specific theme, but they have to match up with the comic's context.

•      Only entries made through the following methods are considered valid:

1. Edit the template directly to add captions.

2. Print the template, write down the dialogues and take a picture/scan it.

•      To submit your entry, please post it on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtag #Saysthto416 and include in your post your Commander name and UID. After making the post, you will also need to send your entry as well as your Commander name and UID to us via

•   A confirmation message will be sent to you within 48 hours of us receiving your entry.

       * You can submit multiple entries if you wish.


Contest Rewards:

Most popular entries (10 winners): 4,000 gems

Shortlisted rewards (for entries that enter the public vote): 1,000 gems

Participation rewards (valid entries only): 4 kinds of resources * 2000, Battery * 200, and Advanced Training Data * 200


Additional Notes

•      Your entry must be appropriate, free of sexual content, gore and intense violence, and comply with all national and regional laws.

•      Your entry must not include any content which distorts historical facts or demonizes and defiles human nature.

•      If you wish to post a collaborative work, please post it once only via a single account. Each piece of work can only be posted and awarded ONCE.

•      Participants who have their entries enter the public vote will also receive the participation rewards.

•      All entries are free to participate in other events, competitions, commercial/non-commercial activities without our consent. However, the participants will be at their own risk if their actions result in any conflicts with the organizers or institutions of other competitions.

•      Participants are liable for the copyright and portrait right of their entries. Participants will be held responsible for any legal disputes caused by plagiarizing others’ works. The organizer will be exempted from such disputes, and the works under dispute will no longer be eligible for the competition.

•      Once a work is posted with the hashtag #Saysthto416, the participant will be considered to have granted Sunborn Games the right to make reasonable use of his/her work, including but not limited to publishing and advertising the work on social media, while the authorship belongs to the participant.

*Sunborn Games owns the right to interpret the rules of this activity within the scope permitted by law.