Handlers' Shooting Tournament

Handlers' Shooting Tournament

– My aim isn't half bad!


To be a qualified Handler, you must have excellent combat capabilities!

After your practice at the Agency Shooting Range, have you and the Cyborg girls been more in sync? When you shoot, speed and accuracy are what matters! The Handlers' Shooting Tournament is about to begin! Would you like to take part in the challenge, Handler?

Clear the "Agency Shooting Range" on Normal as fast as you can. Take a screenshot of your victory page and put a watermark on it.


(For FB) For Facebook users, leave a comment with the image, your Commander name, and UID.


(For Twitter) For Twitter users, post your screenshot on Twitter using the hashtag #ShootingTournament


Tip: To prevent your screenshot from being stolen, please add a watermark to your image. The watermark should be clear, conspicuous, and easily identifiable without obscuring your recorded time or other statistics such as the number of remaining rounds.


Event Schedule

Submission: Oct. 15th -  Oct. 21st

Results Announcement: Oct. 23rd  



First place (1 winner): 3000 gems

Second place (3 winners): 2000 gems

Third place (6 winners): 1000 gems

Participation rewards: 4 kinds of resources * 2000 and Token *20

*10 entries will be randomly chosen to receive 777 gems



1. Winners are determined by how quickly a participant can clear the stage on Normal. The shorter the time, the higher the rank.

2. If multiple participants clear the stage using the same amount of time, whoever has more remaining ammo wins. If multiple participants clear the stage using the same amount of time AND ammo, whoever posts their entry first wins.


Additional Notes

1. You can submit multiple entries if you wish, but you will only be rewarded ONCE.

2. Your entry must be appropriate, free of sexual content, gore and intense violence, and comply with all national and regional laws.

3. Your entry must not include any content that distorts historical facts or demonizes and defiles human nature.